basic LPF – part 2 of 2

19/11/2012 § Leave a comment

In part 1  something was going wrong so I decided to shout for help. And it came 🙂

Bjorn told that what I am thinking is ‘scaling’ is actually clipping. And he was correct.. I decide to remove from my testbed:

  // scaling the output
     if (out > 17000)
         out = 17000;
     if (out < -15000)
         out = -15000;

And it worked like a charm !!

here is the o/p:

The i/p was:

And the spectrum after (several) run of my filter is:

Thanks Bjorn 🙂

Moreover Ross Bencina (in same post) pointed me to some links for filter design. I went through the paper of RBJ. Then I realized that my definition of bandwidth (3dB BW) is not suitable for studio (as opposed to lab). And he also pointed me to RBJ’s cookbook… I implemented a basic static notch filter from there and implemented it on Mixxx, here is the source code.

Btw, again thanks to all you amazing people out there. 🙂


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