update: Mixxx and realliZation

13/12/2012 § Leave a comment

Its been long since my last post. I have been busy with trying to bring up a GUI for Effects Framework for Mixxx.

This is how GUI looks like this with effects editor open:

Effects editor open.

Effects editor open.

This when editor closed:

Effects editor close

Effects editor close

And realliZation can now show magnitude and phase response of interactively as user adds/edits location of (conjugate) poles/zeros. Take a look. In this image I have placed pole/zero according to Mitra and Regalia’s  research paper. They have also explored ways to design a 2nd order IIR filter without using analog prototypes.

realliZation displaying magnitude and phase response

realliZation displaying magnitude and phase response

Here are the updates.

Mixxx updates:

  • DSP related – added parametric eq. and a BPF which doesn’t reduce volume no matter which part of spectrum you are filtering. I’ll write more about it in coming posts. This feature was demanded by Andrey (one of the Mixxx users and developers)
  •  This is what enables you to do:
    •  Add new effects (any number) to chain
    • Show/hide effects editor
    • Apply effects chain to channel 1, 2, Master or Headphone.


realliZation updates:

  • See magnitude and freq response while:
    •  add/edit a pair of comlex conjugate (poles/zeros)
    •  add any number of real poles/zeros
  • See transfer function for any config.

Hang on! More coming up!!


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