realliZation: view and hear your audio filters on the run!

15/12/2012 § Leave a comment

Ever since I have known DSP, I wanted wanted to visualize filter designing. Because I had a feeling that filter desging has more to do with ‘nature’ and not some creepy looking algo/formula.

Reallization is the tool which will help me further understand this ‘course of nature’.

Reallization can now play a sound file and apply the filters that you make by placing poles/zeros on z plane, plus it will show you magnitude and phase response as well. All this on the run.

One thing that I still miss is to give Reallization locus of poles/zeros and user can choose where on that  locus the poles/zeros will be.
This is important because the reasearch papers I am going through are placing poles/zeros in a certain fashion and I
believe that if I could literally dictate the location of poles/zeros by metioning the locus they are allowed
to move on, then I’ll have better understanding of behavior of audio filters.

This locus feature is targeted to Christmas.

Till then enjoy visualizing and hearing the effects of your filters on the fly!

For more details see the realliZation page.


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