A lunch time project to quench my thirst of understanding Digital Signal Processing in a way that I may develop a gut feeling for digital filters and signals.

Project is hosted on Bazaar/Launchpad. This is link to project repository.

A quote from project’s reository:

Graphically give location of poles and zeros on z plane and that will be converted to time domain and frequency domain as well as you can choose to hear the audio o/p, on the fly, of your filter.
This will help you in getting that gut-feeling about Z domain representation of a filter and its effects.

Here I am listing my posts for code documentation/future ideas for this project.



balanced poles and zero in Z planeFig. 1 Designing a notch or peaking filter visually

unbalanced poles in Z planeFig. 2 Unbalanced behavior of poles

unbalanced zeros in Z planeFig. 3 Unbalanced behavior of zeros


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