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Apart form understanding DSP and developing that gut feeling, I am targeting:

1. Adding parametric eqs and other effects in Mixxx

2. Bringing up GUI for Effects Framework.

3. Making Mixxx LADSPA compatible

And , if possible add feature of loading VST and LV2 plugins.


dsp… huh ?!

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What is DSP ?

DSP is acronym for Digital Signal Processing which is a very vast field and includes things like audio processing on your music system or connecting your cell phone to satellite. DSP is used in almost every other tool you happen to use.

So what is this blog exactly about ?

This blog is generally about ‘sound processing’ as in making music from computer. Nothing really advanced – just a collection of my notes which I’ll manage to take while I am on tryst with DSP ūüėČ

Why should I read this blog ?

Well, I don’t know, probably you shouldn’t, but if you are out to play with sound on computer you may use my experience.

Aren’t books already out there on ‘audio processing’ ?

Yes, there are fantastic books out there written by most¬†fascinating¬†people and that will guide you better than I can in this blog. But I am not trying to guide anyone – I am out to¬†explore¬†Sound Processing and I am not following any one single book strictly. Rather I am trying to understand DSP by¬†experimenting¬†with sound, like a child learns to take his first step and and with time keeps getting better at it – and he never reads a ‘manual’ for it. I believe that if I start with basics of maths I can get to point where I can design elegant DSP algorithms/systems.

What is Mixxx and Reallization ?

Go to the respective pages, the first post will give you an detailed introduction. For those lazy people out there – Mixxx is world’s largest open source DJ to which i contribute and currently working to implement parametric eqs and later LADSPA.¬†Reallization is a ‘lunch time project’, basically a ¬†tool that I developed ¬†(and continue to develop) to test and understand Signal Processing as I am on adventure island with DSP.

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